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 Welcome to Caneas!

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PostSubject: Welcome to Caneas!   Tue May 27, 2008 5:38 am

Welcome to the Casadona Forums. At current, you do not have full access to the forums. If you wish to help, please make a post in the Programmers, Builders or Ideas section. Upon becoming a member of one of those groups, you will gain access to the full forum and be able to see our progress!

Here is a rough draft of our work so far to keep you enticed.

Here is a rough history:


Firstly, all Omnipotent Gods come from somewhere within the Megaverse. All Omnipotent Gods traveled from somewhere to Canaes to help rule over it.

The Megaverse is endless and contains billions and billions of universes and planes of existence. Not even the Gods can name the creator of the Megaverse. However, the eldest of the Omnipotentís claim that nothing, yet everything, is the creator of all.

Brief history to Casadona

When speaking of the Gods of Caneas, it is important to know who holds Omnipotent status and who holds a mere Demi-God status. The ranks of the Gods are as follows: Omnipotent, Greater-God, High-God, God, Lesser-God and Demi-God, though Demi-Gods are simply mortals with superior powers. Sometimes Demi-Gods are also called Aspects. All Gods must be shown respect by mortals and other Gods below their own status. It is also important to know how Caneas came to be, who created it and what happened after it was created.

There are only four Omnipotent Gods known to the mortals of Caneas. These four Omnipotent Gods are known as the Divine Council. Athala, the mother of all and the Goddess of Nature. Athala is the ruler of Ansylon, haven of the Divine Pantheon. She is the one who breathes life into all things. Rivers, forests, mountains, deserts, these have all been created by her essence. Zalastra, the God of Magic, who is also considered a ruler within Ansylon. He is the one responsible for allowing the inhabitants of Caneas to possess magical powers. Nihasa, the Goddess of Death and the supreme ruler of Anodas, also known as the Underworld. It is her job to ensure all those who lost their mortal life are taken safely to Anodas and judged to determine whether the soul should live on in peace or torment, and for how long. It is her who allows souls once again take mortal form, treading back into the realm of the living. And lastly, Indomitus, the God of Darkness, it is he who rules the shadows of the land, each dark corner. His realm is deeper than any mortal can comprehend. It is said he prefers the darkness of the Anodas to the colorful garden of Ansylon.

In the beginning, Athala was the sole creator of Canaes. It is said that she is known widely in the Megaverse, an unending expanse of worlds floating silently in the inky darkness of the universe, as the Great Mother. She created her home, Ansylon, far away from the known cluster of worlds, a part of the Megaverse not yet explored even by the most powerful of entities. It is then, after the creation of Ansylon, did Athala start to create her new world. At first the planet was simple, a large body of murky blue green water. Then she added land. It was then that the beaches, rivers and lakes were formed, along with many other beautiful sights, such as islands, mountains deserts and swamps. After the land was created, Athala began to make creatures to inhabit the new world. However, before you can perfect a skill there comes a time of trial and error, and this is so even for the most powerful of Gods. In this case, the Vaettir were created. The Vaettir are soulless immortals, however they were not Gods, with immense power, who lack any form of compassion. The Vaettir live for destruction and the misfortune of others. It was never intended for the Vaettir to be evil. Actually, Athala had planned for them to be her closest of kin. There are three members of the Vaettir - Ruzuktul, Ealirai and Volul. Although all are equally powerful, Ealirai and Volul tend to follow the lead of Ruzuktul.

After the incident of the soulless immortals, Athala sought the powers of the Megaverse, calling out for beings of equal power to her own. Thus the other three Omnipotent Gods, Zalastra, Indomitus and Nihasa, joined her, along with a lesser god, Alaistyr, the God of Fate. All made their home in Ansylon except Nihasa, who made her home in Anodas, the deep depths of Caneas, to rule over the dead, along with Indomitus, preferring the darkness of Her world.

With the help of the newly formed Divine Council, Athala was able to create many creatures, all a success in her eyes. Thus the true birth of Caneas took place, flourishing forth. However, the Vaettir were still about and claimed Caneas as their home. Athala had not the heart to cage her first creations, her evil kin, and they could not be killed. The Vaettir did not intend to be at peace with the other creatures of Caneas, instead the Vaettir slaughtered any who crossed their path. This enraged the Divine Council, with the exception of Nihasa and Indomitus, who remained neutral. It was then decided that the Vaettir would serve eternal imprisonment for their crimes; their fate was sealed. Athala and Zalastra sent Alaistyr to confront the Vaettir. He appeared before them, his face emotionless as if carved from marble. Alaistyr lifted his hand and tugged lightly at an invisible thread. The Vaettir hissed and glowered at Alaistyr, a deep hate spilling from their black eyes. The earth beneath the Vaettir then crumpled open, devouring them. It is said that the Vaettir have been locked deep within the soil and rock, a divine power holding them prisoner. However, should they escape, chaos would surely ensue upon Caneas.


Upon the opening of Casadona, there will be three main cities: Araceli, the city of Justice. Lucrete, the city of Darkness and Aelmoor, the forest commune. There will be one smaller city made out of a series of small islands called Elysandre, the pirate stronghold.

Once we have a decent player-base, one more citiy will be opened: Erova, The Frozen Citadel.

At current, there are six guilds. Below is each guild and the city it resides in.




The SSA (The Secret Society of Assasins)

And the Augurs guild, which is a guild free to join any city they please. The Augurs guild consists of witches and warlocks.

Also, upon the opening of Erova it will also have its own guilds.


In the Corocaus mountains, there live Faeries. Mortals living in Caneas do not know much about the Faeries, other than the myth that they guard the Portal of Worlds, keeping otherworldy creatures at bay.

It is said, upon reaching the highest level a mortal can obtain, you have two choices:

1) Live among the mortals as a demi-god, thus becoming one of the few strong heroes(or enemy).

2) Live amongst the Faeries themselves, taking on their ranks, living in their city within the mountain(Rp wise. Otherwise, work behind the scenes helping us build Casadona).

Faeries have a King and Queen, of whom rule and guide them. The Faerie Queen and King are appoint by the Gods, as it is not a duty that can be voted upon. (The king and queen are usually the leads in the building team)


The Gods are played by real people. Never will there be a computer controlled god. Gods are appointed by the Omnipotents, seen as worthy enough to enter their Divine Halls.

Gods run off of essence. They generate a certain amount of essence per hour, also mortals may offer them items which will give them essence as well. Each God has their own Divine Order, in which mortals may follow a god. Mortals run a Divine Order via the High Priest or High Priestess, unless an Oracle has been appointed. An Oracle is the closest to its Divine Patron. Oracles usually are the messenger between Divine Patron and High Priest / High Priestess and the rest of the order.

When Gods battle, they can choose to battle one another, or they can use their Dragon to battle another Gods Dragon. If their Dragon loses in battle, then it is dead. They must seek out another Dragon Egg, then help it to hatch.

Below is a list of the current Divine Pantheon:

-Omnipotent Gods- The highest ranking god, the creators, the admins.

Athala, the goddess of nature
Nihasa, the goddess of death
Indomitus, the god of darkness
Zalastra, the god of magic

-Greater Gods-


-High Gods-





If you have any questions what-so-ever about Casadona, please post it in another topic on the Welcome Traveler's section! Please keep in mind any information in this topic can change at any time.

Athala, the goddess of nature
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Welcome to Caneas!
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